Defense-in-depth protection

Unify 7+ disparate cybersecurity solutions

with Heimdal’s singular, AI powered, fully integrated suite that offers the ultimate defense-in-depth protection and empowers security teams to be proactive

Elevate your enterprise protection with state-of-the-art security.

Given today’s threat landscape, you need a crucial line of defense with an inherent advantage over legacy, signature-based solutions. Heimdal’s offering has been built following a prevention-first approach, designed to
catch all kinds of threats – simple and sophisticated, known and yet unknown.

From Threat Prevention and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to Vulnerability Management, Privileged Access Management (PAM), Email Security, and Remote Desktop Support, we clear up your most pressing security and compliance concerns – and more.
Heimdal’s innovative, layered cybersecurity, powered by AI Neural Network-Driven Intelligence components, can be scaled up and down and will fit any business scenario.

Add the security layers you need. Unlock extra features and unexpected benefits.

Seamlessly integrated and fueled by Artificial Intelligence, the more modules you embed into your Heimdal ecosystem, the more intelligent it becomes.

And above all, you can conveniently manage everything from a single agent. Forget about disconnected solutions and gain a deep understanding and a complete overview of your environment, in real time.

AI-driven security tools that intelligently work together.

Combine Threat Prevention and Endpoint Detection. Give yourself proactive IOCs and enhanced IOAs. Threat Prevention enriches our Endpoint Detec- tion, with a unique E-PDR ability, to mitigate even concealed or unknown malware.

Our security technologies can be layered and customized to fit any business size – remote or onsite.

The Heimdal® Security Stack


Patch Management combined and unique traffic-based detection of hidden threats from IOA/IOC intelligence to Endpoint Detection.


Heimdal’s NGAV + XTP with MDM leadsmalware detection on its own, but when using Threat Prevention IOA/IOC intelligence, the Antivirus will be able to respond to otherwise hidden threats


Harness the power of intelligent insights to neutralize adversaries with real-time enhanced visibility across your entire digital landscape. A single pane of glass for instant threat response.


Endpoint Prevention, Detection and Response


Once detecting an infection or attack our Threat Prevention or Endpoint detection modules, can signal to our Privilege Access Management to remove rights to prevent escalation of problems .


Extended Detection and Response led by an expert team, with infection/attack alerts, environment monitoring, policy checking for maximum compliance, and decisive responses upon threat detection.

About Heimdal®

Founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, Denmark, Heimdal is a leading European provider of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. The company offers a multi-layered security suite that combines threat prevention, patch and asset management, endpoint rights management, and antivirus and e-mail security which together secure customers against cyberattacks and keep critical information and intellectual property safe.

Heimdal has been recognized as a thought leader in the industry and has won multiple international awards both for its solutions and for its educational content creation.

Currently, Heimdal’s cybersecurity solutions are deployed in more than 45 countries and supported regionally from offices in 15+ countries, by 175+ highly qualified specialists.

Heimdal is ISAE 3000 certified and secures more than 3 million endpoints for over 11,000 companies.

Heimdal supports its partners without concessions based on predictability and scalability. The common goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem and a strategic partnership.

Why Clients Love Heimdal®

“Solid security foundation product with a wide selection of features without being a drag to your system. We use almost every feature and we evaluate them before buying them. We get a lot of alerts that helps us initiate further actions and keeps our focus on the problems until they are solved. Keeps our business safer than before without the need of multiple vendor systems.”

Stephan V, Head of Group

IT, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“We use Patch Management, E-mail Security and Remote Desktop modules from the Heimdal portfolio. All these products run through a single agent and consistently perform well. We push Microsoft patches every month to clients and servers without issue, Remote Desktop is simple to use as an admin, and E-mail Security Spam filtering catches the majority of bad things.”

Administrator in Construction

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“A solid dependable solution which works well. The best test is that I don’t need to think about it on a daily basis, Heimdal simply does it’s thing whilst I get on with tackling other problems. Heimdal oversees the security posture of our endpoints and tells me when things are not compliant or at risk, 9 times out of 10 it Heimdal remediates that risk and simply informs me.”

Administrator in Oil & Energy

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)